Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Beginnings

"We Became Friends" If you haven't heard about Mike's AMAZING project then you are a little behind the times! For Mikes BFA project he decided to create this interactive exhibit in which students at BYU-Idaho are able to use this ice-breaker and become friends with a stranger. This emphasizes the fact that the potential to become someone's friends is there, you may just need the right ice breaker:) This took Mike A TON of work, time, and dedication to make this a success. There were many frustrating nights but he succeeded BIG time. Thanks to all the support from our parents and friends. There is no way we he could have done this without you!

Mike displayed his exhibit at the MC on campus. Check out his video!

For Mikes BFA show he made a smaller model. He entered this into  a creative research conference where many types of academic disciplines entered their finest work for the semester. I am proud to say that Mike got first place in the Graphic Design department!

Mike and I graduated on April 6, 2012. Mike graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, and I graduated with a Bachelor of Health Science - emphasis in community and worksite wellness and Medical Assisting Minor. We never thought this day would come-seriously. Now we know there is more to life than just college. We are really excited for our new life to start. I am sure we will find our way back to school again...but for now we are taking a break!

Mike and I decided have our convocation in Mike's Department (College of Performing and visual arts). I won't lie it was weird not graduating in my department. But I was just glad that we could see each other officially graduate. I know in my department I would not have had seen dance performances and singing chickens;) 

Proudly holding our official...diploma covers:)

While we were going to convocation we cut through the Clarke building. This is the building I have lived in through all my schooling (having about 80% of my classes in here). I was happy to see that my poster was chosen to represent a research project I was a part of. We researched glycemic index and its relationship to certain meal replacements.

27 weeks and graduated!

Me shaking hands with someone I have never met...
Waiting for commencement to start

We decided to come out in my department since we will would be going to Mikes College for convocation

WE DID IT!                       

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Baby Updates!

21 weeks! Oh baby:)
Definitely the cutest 3d pic I have seen. We were very happy about this shot the ultrasound tech was able to get.

Making sure there is no cleft lip or pallet

The baby is growing perfectly. The doctor said he was in the 50th percentile, which was perfect since I consider Mike and I to be pretty average people eh? Mike is concerned that I am not as "big" as I should be ha! I asked the doctor if I was growing ok since I had only gained 1 pound since my 20 week appointment. He said all is well, I measured well and I am in very health condition. So that is good news, since Mike's latest fear is that we are going to have a midget baby. Other than some really painful round ligament pain I am feeling great and we are both READY to graduate!!

26 weeks! Over half way there!
The baby continues to move like crazy! On the weekends when I think I will get to sleep in I don't because he will wake me up almost the same time my alarm clock goes off on school days. He is already on a schedule, I'm not even kidding!

Some of my favorite moments are when Mike and I are sitting down and feeling/watching him move. Mike likes to put the bright flash light on his phone and put it on his belly. Most the time there is a quick response in which he will kick really hard. It freaks me out! Already we are having fun playing with him:) Oh how I love our little family:)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Baby on Board!...and random fun!

Surprise! Baby on Board! We were fortunate to be able to tell 2/3 sets of parents at the same time that we were expecting! While eating having lunch we gave each parent a wrapped up "baby on board" sign and had them open it up at the same time. It was the perfect ending to a great weekend! We love you parents!!!
On December 12 we had our first ultrasound at 8 weeks! We were so excited to see that there was a little somen' somen' in there! I felt so much love for this little "peanut" (as I called it) in an instant. Mike and I are so blessed to have this little miracle! I am due on July 15!

I have been extremely fortunate not to have gotten morning sickness, but definitely some smells I could not handle! Here I am at Les Shuab. Tires smell awful as it is, but when you are pregnant, DANG its all you can think of. While our car was getting fixed Mike kindly filled up a popcorn bag for me to smell instead of tires.
It's a BOY! At 16 weeks, on January 25 we were fortunate to get an ultrasound at the Student Health Center, where I work. Lisa the Radiology tech is trying to get her ultrasound license and needs practice. Since it was free I gladly let her take a peek! Mike came with me and was ecstatic when we saw it was a boy. I don't have to keep on calling our baby an it. We are definitely having a little boy!

"ET phone home"

My favorite! Cute little hand with all five fingers:)

Nice legs

Prego pics? 16 weeks! The day we found out we were having a boy!
17 weeks!

We had an unexpected trip to Salt Lake where we met up with Amy and Julie and my beautiful niece Britain at Tucanos. I am trying not to use the sentence "I am eating for two"...but at times like these it definitely makes me feel less guilty ha!!

Over the Christmas break we were able to spend our vacation in Utah. Here we are at the zoo lights at Hogle zoo and it was SO much fun! We even got to see some animals!

Snowmobiling! For a second Christmas get away we went to Island park and spent it with the Commons and Hydes. Baby definitely had a bumpy ride, but I was careful;)

Friday, November 4, 2011

A Crazy Fun Fall!

I surprised Mike with a surprise Murder Mystery Party! I was a little nervous of how the whole thing was going to turn out and he didn't even know what was comin! Ha! Everybody was awesome and got into character really well, I was SO impressed! Happy 25th Mike!

Everybody at Dinner while we figure out who the murder was.

A tribute to Tyler. "C" is for Commons, because who cares  about the Cincinatti Indians!

Mike and I were able to go down to Utah for my niece, Britian's blessings! This was definitely worth the trip!

Cute Britian! I promise she wasn't always like this when I held her:)

The Haunted Mill. I was freezing so Mike tied me up in his jacket. Can't complain because it kept me super warm. I hate haunted houses, haunted rides at lagoon, and scary movies, and yet I seem to get talked into doing them every year! It's too bad the grim reapers tend to hoover around the screamers!

This is just one of many accidents that I am prone to. You can't really see it in the picture, but I managed to get coke poured down all down my back and all over a couch! Luckily Ashley and Kyle Infanger are awesome and their couch was brown! The stain did come out Whew! My life I swear...I won't even tell you about the other disasters that follow me around, but lets just say it adds to a very nonorthodox life!

We went to Poky to spend time with the fam. It was nice to feel like a kid again and do some classic roller bladding and roller skating.

HALLOWEEN! Mike and I were dressed up like Flo from progressive and Mayhem from Allstate! It was the best! We then went to our friends, The Beynons and played candy poker where Mike and I lost all of our candy! We are officially the worst gamblers ever, and I can't pull a poker face to save my life.

As for further updates of our life: I have officially finished my internship for medical assisting! I put in 200 hours of free labor at Seasons Medical - Internal Medicine. Don't get me wrong I love old people (when they are happy), and as much as I loved working for free, it is time to move on. It is way nice to have 15 hours in which I give to housecleaning, homework, and Jennie time. Mike is still crazy busy with his work and school. We are getting really excited/anxious for graduation, which is still scheduled for APRIL YA!!! I will graduate in Health Science with an emphasis in Community Health and worksite wellness and Mike is getting his BFA in Graphic Design. He is pretty much the most talented man ever! Oh how I love him! 

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Summer Lovin!

We went up to Salmon for an Infanger family reunion. I surprised everyone including myself with getting up on the wake board on my first try! However, I was anything but graceful when trying to get off the wake! Enjoy my faceplant ba!

This summer we have definitely invested a lot into Kiwi Loco (frozen yogurt)! It is our favorite place to go when we need a little "somen' somen'. Plus its somewhat healthy!

For my birthday we were in Rupert, ID yet again to sell fireworks. However, Mike surprised me by closing the firework stand early and taking me to Shoshone Falls, and afterward we had a way fun night full of great food, GREAT people, fun night games, and of course fireworks! Mike spoiled me crazy and oh how I love him! Turning 21 was great:)

When ever we go to Salmon there is a lot of motorcycle riding! I have almost mastered driving the thing...ok so its not the same as a stick shift but I am learning!

Our adventure to the ice caves! The ice caves are about 20 minutes outside Rexburg. Apparently you need a jeep or a truck to get there due to a crazy intense dirt road..we decided we could make it with our little honda, and we did, barely!
The entrance of the cave, doesn't look like much, but it is  way cool!

I have to admit that inside the caves was a little creepy. It was just Mike and I where we had to climb through tiny tunnels that were pure ice. I swear I was going to see a dead man trapped in the me crazy!

As fun as it was, I was excited to be safe and warm outside the cave!

Lunch was a little soggy haha!

Mike and I have been married two years! We spent the day in Jackson Hole. Even though it was raining for pretty much the whole day we still had a lot of fun!

While in Jackson we went to the famous Bubba's. It was definitely the best bbq I had ever had! MMMM!

My family was very generous and took us to see The Little Mermaid in Tuachan! Who would have thought they could put merpeople on stage! We also saw "noises off" at the Shakespearean festival. It was the most hilarious play we had seen.

We got into a little bit of golf this summer. Mike surprised me by how good he is! Seriously!

Back in Salmon for another family reunion! Nothing like a good rodeo in Salmon. 

For our last adventure of the summer we decided to hike Mt. Timpanogos! We started at 6 AM and reached the summit at 10 AM. It was really fun up to that point, and then we started the trek down which wasn't as easy. I have had an IT band injury for a while and going down that trail was the worst pain I have ever been on. Thankfully a sweet old man saw me struggling and gave me an ibprofen. We made it down by 3 PM and splurged on a large Armoretto from Sub Zero YUM! Mike looked like he was going to cry because it tasted so dang good!

Bridge jumping! This bridge is about 15 minutes outside of Rexburg. It is known as Monkey Rock, which is a little waterfall area next to it. This is as thrilling as my little life gets! 

Mike loves running and then jumping off! I never attempted because I know I would awkwardly trip and roll of the edge

This is behind the waterfall at Monkey Rock. Despite the FREEZING beyond belief water and the fact that my teeth were chattering the whole time, definitely worth it!